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Global Logistics 

Being a proud member of Hoptrans Group we can instantly tap into 30 years of worldwide logistics experience, be it road, rail, sea or air, we cover it all.

Services_Global logistic_Ecommerce Fulfillment_Logistic solutions_EU Broker


  • Pick and pack.

  • Package customisation.

  • Kitting.

  • Return management.

  • Quality control.

  • Cross-dock operations.

  • B2B fulfillment services.

Campaign Solutions

  • Optimal logistical costs evaluation.

  • Free zone type fulfillment.

  • Fiscal representation to handle customs and VAT obligations.

  • Insurance for goods, including coverage for any lost or damaged goods.

  • Accepting oversize and dangerous goods.

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  • Registration services (IOSS, OSS, VAT)

  • Accounting services (IOSS, OSS, VAT)

  • Fiscal representation to handle customs and VAT obligations

  • Registration and handling in free zone.

  • Import, export, transit procedures.

  • Customs related administration.

  • Export representation for non-Eu registered companies.

  • Product validation before entering European markets.

  • No VAT registration needed for trades inside the free zone.

  • Up to 10 % savings on customs duties for non-Eu trades. 

  • No time restrictions when storing bonded goods. 

  • Eu and non-Eu order fullfilment carried out of one dedicated location.

  • Reduced paperwork, sign and fulfill the next day.

  • Stock your goods smartly to reach new markets.

Free Zone Type 
Free zone type fulfillment_Ecommerce Fulfillment_Logistic solutions_EU Broker

We will prepare your products in accordance to Amazon regulations: storing, quality & quantity check, labeling, shipping etc.

amazon preparation_Ecommerce Fulfillment_Logistic solutions_EU Broker
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