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  • Will I be charged taxes or customs duties for storing my stock in a free zone?
    No, you will not be charged any customs duties or taxes. Additionally, if you are exporting to non-EU countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Norway, or others, you will be exempt from customs duties and VAT.
  • How long can items be stored in the free zone?
    There is no time limit for storage in our warehouse.
  • How can I pay customs duties?
    You have two options: pay directly to the customs tax account according to our instructions or use our IOR (Import/Export Representative) services.
  • What are the duties and import taxes for my purchase?
    Duties and import VAT taxes are applied to goods purchased outside of the European Union, and are calculated based on the import scheme and the type of goods. If the value of the goods is under 150 EUR and they are sold to the end consumer, only VAT will be applied. In both cases, EU Broker can assist you with Import/Export Representative services.
  • Do I need to register for VAT to store my inventory in a Free zone?
    No, you are not required to register for VAT in the EU. You just need to sign an agreement with the Free zone.
  • How can we reposition our stock to another country if our sales strategy changes?
    If you are no longer in need of keeping the stock in the free zone, you may remove it by informing us in advance of your intention to do so. There is no obligation to keep the stock in the free zone.
  • How do you ensure compliance with different VAT regulations across the EU?
    EU Broker can simplify VAT requirements for non-EU sellers by providing a comprehensive range of services including: VAT registration in all EU countries VAT processing and compliance for all EU countries Managing all VAT-related activities, such as filing returns and paying VAT to the appropriate tax authorities Retention of statutory information such as invoices and receipts Handling any Tax Authority audits and providing necessary documentation Providing guidance and support on VAT regulations and compliance requirements Offering real-time tracking and reporting of VAT transactions Providing a dedicated team of VAT experts to assist with any queries or issues. All VAT documentation will be kept by EU Broker and can be accessed at any time
  • How can I access inventory reports or analytics?
    You can view your inventory or stock movement using the EU Broker APP, or receive automated emails on a schedule of your choice.
  • Do I have to pay for inventory management?
    Inventory counting is complimentary once a year. Any additional counts will be charged according to our terms and conditions.
  • How should my products be prepared before entering the warehouse?
    To ensure efficient inbound processing, products should be barcoded and packed in master cartons without mixing SKUs. If the master cartons are palletized, please use EURO standard or 1.2m x 1.2m pallets for optimal storage.
  • Are there value-added services available for my products?
    Yes, we offer services such as kitting, relabeling, inserting etc.
  • Are barcodes required for my products?
    Barcodes ensure efficient sorting and outbound processes, but it's not a problem if your products don't have barcodes. Our EU Broker warehouse team can assist you in adding them.
  • Are there any order quantity requirements to use your services?
    There are no order quantity requirements to qualify for our services. Our services are available to customers of all sizes and we are able to accommodate orders of any quantity. Whether you need to order just one item or a large quantity of items, we are here to help you. Please note that some products may be less suitable than others and that some fees may apply depending on procedures and order quantity, but our services will always be available regardless of the quantity of the order.
  • What happens if my goods are lost during delivery?
    Once you have sold your goods, they will be delivered to your customers by a carrier. If a loss, breakage or theft occurs, liability is governed by international conventions. These conventions often favor the carrier, which means that compensation may be lower than the actual value of the product. In general, carriers will not compensate more than 23€ per kg of goods. It is recommended that you consider purchasing additional insurance to protect against the potential loss.
  • Does Eu Broker offer insurance for lost or damaged goods?
    Yes, Eu Broker has Public liability insurance and CMR insurance which are based on international convention rules. For high-value products, we can offer additional insurance with full coverage for any accident or event during shipment.
  • Can we use our courier account?
    Yes, you can take advantage of our inventory management, order processing, and other fulfillment services while still using your preferred carrier for shipping. In order to do this, we will need to register your courier contract details in our EU Broker APP. If the courier of your choice is not on our list, we will also need to integrate it with our system. This will ensure that we have all the necessary information to properly process and ship your orders using your chosen carrier.
  • Can I visit the facility?
    You are allowed to visit the facility with reasonable prior notice and information of visitors.
  • How fast can I expect my order to be shipped?
    In the vast majority of cases, orders received before the cut-off time will typically ship out on the same day. Orders received after the cut-off time or on weekends will be processed the following business day. We understand the importance of timely delivery for our customers and strive to get your orders on their way as quickly as possible.
  • How is shipping usually calculated?
    Couriers typically calculate shipping costs based on a combination of factors, including the package's weight, size, and destination. Some couriers also take into account the type of service (e.g. express or standard) and any additional services (e.g. insurance) requested by the customer. The cost of fuel and other operational expenses may also be factored into the final cost.
  • Do you ship dangerous goods?
    Yes, although some exceptions apply, such as explosives, radioactive, and flammable products.
  • Do you ship food or supplements?
    Yes, although no temperature controlled shipping is available.
  • Can i still cancel my order?
    If the product has not been picked yet, there will be no fee for canceling the order. However, if the order has already been packed and prepared for shipping, there will be a fee for unpacking and replenishing the items into the warehouse. It is important to note that once an order has been shipped, it can no longer be canceled and you will need to follow the return process. To avoid any additional fees, we recommend canceling your order as soon as possible.
  • What delivery options do you have for small items?
    We offer postal and EU Broker solutions, as well as specialized options for specific countries if required.
  • How can I track my package?
    You can track it using the EU Broker app or the appropriate carrier tracking page.
  • Can you provide DDP services?
    Yes, DDP option is available, however, there may be some limitations based on the destination country and its regulations.
  • Do you offer worldwide shipping?
    Yes, we primarily fulfill orders through airport facilities, where major express couriers such as UPS, Fedex, and DHL operate.
  • Will you send shipment confirmation emails to my customers?
    Yes, this option is available.
  • What is volumetric weight?
    Volumetric weight, also known as dimensional weight, is a method of calculating the weight of a package based on its dimensions. This weight is used by shipping companies to calculate the cost of shipping a package, as the cost is often based on the package's weight and size. The formula used to calculate volumetric weight is usually (length x width x height) / a divisor, such as 5000 or 6000, which represents the density of the package. If the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight, the shipping cost is based on the volumetric weight. This is because larger, lighter packages take up more space on a truck or plane, and thus cost more to ship.
  • Who bares the cost of custom integration?
    Custom integration can be a complex and time-consuming procedure. As a result, the responsibility for the integration is often shared accordingly between the parties. Typically, the client is responsible for providing clear and detailed requirements for the integration, as well as for any necessary access to their systems or data. The service provider is responsible for delivering the integration and ensuring that it meets the client's requirements. However, if the client requests an integration that is widely used and does not require significant customization, the responsibilities for its development may be reassessed and adjusted accordingly.
  • What is customer portal?
    Eu Broker customer portal is a web application that allows customers to access their account information, view order history, perform self-service tasks, and track the progress of their packages, inventory and more. It's a secure portal that requires login credentials and provides integration with courier and sales channel platforms through API. It eliminates the uncertainty of manual tracking and offers a new level of visibility and control for informed business decisions.
  • How quickly can my Shopify account be integrated?
    The integration process typically takes 1-2 business days.
  • How can I view my inventory and track its movement?
    You can check the EU Broker application and review all related analytics there.
  • How do I pay for storage?
    Payment for storage is typically charged per agreed tariffs per day, and billed on a monthly basis. Our WMS calculates charges based on the cubic meters of stored goods in a user-friendly format.
  • Where can I find pricing information?
    To provide you with a tailored offer, please provide us with information on your monthly plans and products. Once a cooperation agreement is signed, services can be tracked daily through the EU Broker application.
  • Are there any setup fees?
    No, there are no setup fees unless custom integration or special requests are made by the client.

Frequently Asked Questions

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